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Independent Media Promotion is an Agency driven musicians outreach and artist development network. We are invested in our own experience at this point and early signs of social defiance years ago led owner and Pro Drummer Steve Campbell to cater entertainment and procure employment in the interest of creating more income streams for the artist. Most music lesson jobs are not fun. This one is. Though the pitfalls of modern artistry may find many artist in a tragic scenario, it has also has never been easier to create great art, and promote it.With over 27 years in the industry we have explored every option, and we like being a small artistry instruction business.

Independent Media Promotion invites the creative community of the world to connect with one another here for music lessons piano and more! We also take a great deal of pride in connecting the artistry instruction with the industry resources they need to meet their career goals. This is important to us and has been an ongoing part of our music promotion initiative since 1996.​

WWW.INEDEPENDENTMEDIAPROMOTION.COM is the assimilation of a career lifetime of creative ideas and projects into one conglomerate of musical community. It is here that we hope to raise the artist from novice professional into a household name. It is here that we seek to manage labor, schedule entertainers, create events, cater service to existing events, and catapult the artist and the skilled workforce into an orbit like trajectory in their careers so that they can safely call themselves, their own greatest music promotion achievement.​ Artist Development begins in the music lesson learning stages.

We don’t deny the potential of young talent. In artistry instruction, we “Independent Media Promotion” seek the career minded yet cater to the hobbyist and enthusiast to complete their music lessons experience. In paradox, we also contribute to the artistry in it’s creation, performance and medium and as well support the artistry in laborious, technical, service and secondary roles. ​Almost every artist we have met has a “real job”. We are here to find some of those too.

Since navigating the music industry from day one, we have found that many of the artists we have met became first acquainted with us in a secondary capacity, a “real job” or “side job”, either way it was in the time engaged in actions and roles of necessity that put us in touch with some of the greatest artistic talent we have ever worked with. Talk is talk and its not cheap backstage for a national so lets discuss it on our own time through a platform designed to attract specifically a community of industry music lesson professionals that can create their clients vision from beginning to end and congregate with other ambitious open minded talent with a focus on diversifying piano lessons, guitar lessons and gaining knowledge in areas unfamiliar.

Then, lets get paid to use and share that knowledge.

We want to expand! And we hope that we can serve you in a multitude of arenas. Music Investment and Love ​Independent Media Promotion is invested in Hawaii and have structured to provide employment in rural based areas on the Island where work is scarce and outdoor work is virtually rained out. Our music promotion agency call center is located in the middle of a Hawaiian jungle and provides purpose and income to an otherwise transient population of young college students and traveling artists.

Additional Independent Media Promotion Services

In addition to service related talent we engage in selling and re-purposing products associated with the Arts, Entertainment and Hospitality Industries and we invite members to engage in that as well. See our products page for multiple listings of related items for sale. Independent Media Promotion is, well …just that.​”fine tuning the business of music since 1999″

Independent Media Promotion began in the small college town of Lawrence KS in 1996 when owner Steve Campbell was looking for ways to legitimize a growing number of income streams generated by his music endeavors during a period of activity in a popular local original band. In 1992, fresh out of high school Steve began working as a “gofer” for a local concert promoter, a salesman and drum instructor for local musical instrument retailers and of course a freelance drummer on his own. Steve is assisting clients and fellow musicians and artists with the tasks needed to carry out quality events, recordings and productions. I.M.P. is currently a sole proprietorship offering services world wide with the help of a qualified team available to source raw talent and industry professionals trained to coordinate events, provide event services and artist services.

independent media promotion

I.M.P. Provides Quality Entertainment & Entertainment Production Services to include: * Audio/Visual Services
* Music Instruction
* Rehearsal Space
* Tutoring Facilities
* Musical Instruments and Quality Instrument Back-line Rentals
* Production & Event Staff Over-hire
* Graphic Design
* Photography
* Music Promotion – Recording and Post Production
* Free Lance Performers
* Bands & D.J.s for Hire
* Artist Development
* Artist Management
​* Entertainment Booking
* Industry Referral Service

I.M.P. Studios is our creative space and an extension of our Music Promotion Talent Agency. A 1300 square foot physical outlet providing affordable hourly voice, guitar, drum, piano lessons rehearsal space, recording and a music and arts learning center in The Woodlands TX serving the Greater Houston Area.
​Call or text an agent for details or a studio booking.

I.M.P. Studios is equipped with full P.A., mics, stands etc. and partial drum set. Bands should bring personal backline and instruments. Drummers will need Throne, Cymbals and a Hardware.

I.M.P. Studios is located at 1018 Sawdust Rd., Ste.#4 in Spring 77380 about a stones throw from The Woodlands on Sawdust Rd. in the Sawdust Business Park.
​We have off street parking, roll door access and privacy for the working musician.

Independent Media Promotion

Studio space is available to music educators at an added discount. $6.00 an hour for our tutoring rooms and large room for music lessons bringing a single student for 30 minute or 60 minute lessons. 70% discount to our educators for their commitment to the arts.

I.M.P. Backline Services

Backline Service at I.M.P. is forever expanding music. We offer unique affordable backline rentals and tech services. You can request specific brands and model instruments and amplifiers in Hawaii, Kansas City and Houston and we will source the equipment, bench test it, deliver, set and strike after your event. independent media promotion has been in music promotion booking entertainment since 1996. This might not be the best place to talk about the good ol days. Participating in the promotion of concerts and events since 1992, from the infamous bowels of The Outhouse in Lawrence KS to the pristine backyards of Maui HI. Independent Media Promotion knows music promotion and entertainment booking. Just type your request. Any city, any size ,any format. The majority of I.M.P. booking is generated from our off grid home office on the Big Island and coordinated through Agent Judy Link. We hope to provide jobs for Puna residents that remain indoors and out of the rain so we based our call center and logistic planning and music operations from Hawaii. We find this environment better suited for the agents music promotion productivity. Tasks of procuring employment for clients can become stressful. Job placement is at an all time low on the Big Island. We can employ agents almost around the clock to meet the business day in a number of different time zones. Telemarketing cold call sales is just easier on the soul with a beach nearby. So we book entertainment straight from our “Green Room”.

I.M.P. Music Lessons

Music Lessons are hosted daily from our lesson facility in The Woodlands TX. All of our teachers are independent media promotion certified and F.B.I. approved professionals.
Lessons run either thirty minutes or sixty minutes in length, one on one with a pro musician.
Instruction is $50.00 per hour with the option of a 30 minute lesson at least once a week. Cancellation requires a 24 hour notice or refunds are at the discretion of the instructor. Make-up lessons are re-scheduled or a credit is applied to the following month.
Payment is due upon the first lesson of the month or before the 12th day of the month.
House calls are available from certain instructors and only if an adequate learning atmosphere is available.

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I.M.P. curriculum includes all styles and genres of music. We do not offer a ” Rock Band Program” we rarely host recitals. We host group clinics and private instruction for Rock Band instruments and we teach Rock Music in addition to our symphonic, concert, marching, and other understudies in music. At independent media music promotions you “excel in the style of your choice and at your own music promotion pace!” By all means specialize and or diversify either way – IT GUARANTEES YOUR SPOTLIGHT!

Steve’s Drum Lessons
​”Excel in the style of your choice and at your own pace!” Independent Media Promotion

Pro Drummer Mr. Campbell has been playing drums for 29 years and teaching drum set and percussion privately since 1992. Instruction is now available at independent media musicpromotions Studios in The Woodlands. Instruction is $50.00 per hour with the option of a $25.00, thirty minute lesson scheduled once a week. A month of instruction fees are required to be paid in advance upon the first lesson of each month for the best results. 24 hour cancellation is required and they are non-refundable but can be rescheduled or will reflect a credit for the following month of instruction.

I.M.P is currently accepting resumes for the following music promotion positions:

Agent – Booking/Sales

independent music media promotion

Studio Manager /Sales/ Retail – Kansas City

independent music media promotion

Foreign Language Translators – anywhere

independent music media promotion

Bass Guitar Music Lesson Teacher – Private Instruction

Event Coordinator (on site Events Manager)

General Technician/Backline Specialist

String Instrument Music Lesson Teacher – Houston

independent media promotions

Horn Music Lesson Teacher-Houston The Woodlands

independent media promotions

Pianist/Keyboard Player – Piano Lessons

Guitarist (Performance)

independent media promotions

Vocalist(s) (Performance)

independent media promotion

Keyboard Player/Pianist (Performance)
​General Labor Hire (part time and as needed)

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Bands (Performance/Specialty/Variety)- anywhere

To apply Call Judy 832 403 5099

EMAIL: impstudiohouston@gmail.com