What Does IMP Teach:

Classical Music, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Rock Music.

IMP Piano instruction is open to music students of all ages and levels, beginning piano lessons method to advanced piano lessons method , in both private and small group piano lessons. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of music education in Classical, Pop, Jazz and Rock tailoring instruction to meet the goals and aspirations of each individual student. All the above styles are offered to students of any coffee level and age. We encourage diversity of repertoire which helps students maintain focus, fun and long term personal fulfillment.

Piano Finger Techniques

Piano Lessons Method - Finger technique is essential for the aspiring pianist to attain a level of dexterity and flexibility necessary to perform easy or advanced music. In the weekly lesson plan, students are presented a set of Finger Technique exercises which are practiced in an organized and progressive way to develop the student’s ability to express musically.

Music Sight-Reading

Piano Lessons Method - We use a selection of proven piano teaching techniques to develop the student’s capacity to identify notes on the music staff. Children are presented with a progressive piano lessons method reading plan to allow them the freedom to read and research Classical, Jazz or Film Music easily and with confidence.

Piano Lessons Method  -Repertoire: Beethoven, Beatles, Star Wars and more

Our instructors love to expose their students to a diverse repertoire covering all styles of the music spectrum. From Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” to the music of Scott Joplin and John Williams, we have available to all students a diverse piano repertoire in all piano lessons are arranged for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Our curriculum is based on our individual teachers piano method which we have carefully helped developed over the last 24 years of drum instruction. Our piano method allows students to master the building blocks of music through the study of chords. Through that method students are positioned to play any music in any style and understand the piece they play from a compositional stand point. This approach empowers students and helps them perform Mozart, Lennon/McCartney songs or Jazz with more insight, understanding and musicality.

Songwriter Piano Arranging

Our Teachers piano method is at the core of the study of Songwriter Piano Arranging. From that method the student is led in progressive steps through the mastery of left hand accompaniment and right hand melodic harmonization. The student develops a “spontaneous approach” to playing piano arrangement in a pop, country, gospel and jazz styles.

College Music Preparation

Over the years we have successfully prepared many students to college music programs and high school for the arts entrance exams. Our instructors are happy to go over schools requirements and devise piano lessons plan to ensure that the student is ready for the music institution’s entry exam.

Independent media Promotion music lessons are offer to students of all ages and abilities. Beginner students will start with piano lessons method fundamentals such as reading notes, playing scales, and progressing from one hand at a time to eventually both hands. We balance musicianship and fun by making sure that during each lesson you are challenged with a new technical or theory concept while always making time to work on your favorite piece of music. Experienced students will work with their teachers to further develop their technique and repertoire. Want to work on your current favorite song?  No problem, our piano lesson instructors are well-versed and teach multiple genres from classical to pop and everything in between.

IMP music Lessons

IMP offers one-on-one private piano lessons to greater Houston and Spring, Tx so students can achieve their personal goals and move comfortably at their own pace. We encourage teachers to bring the best of what they have learned through their own training and experience and develop an approach that enables them to respond to the needs of each individual student. We offer the Houston’s most comprehensive piano lessons which include technique, sight reading, and music theory. We use a variety of piano method books, so students always have a goal to work towards. IMP aims to deliver the finest piano lessons in the greater Houston area and to provide students the opportunity to learn with professional musicians in a fun, encouraging, and supportive environment. For students under the age of 8, we ask the parents to be involved in their lessons and practice at home. To better help parents develop in to this role, the first three piano lessons are dedicated to the parent education class. The child can then begin their piano lessons. This helps ensures the student’s success and motivation.

Why choose IMP for piano lessons?

The most qualified piano instructors in Houston.

Our piano lesson teachers are all university-trained with tons of performing experience. Not only that, IMP instructors are friendly, professional, and dedicated to learning about your musical goals and helping you achieve them. We are confident that we have the right teacher to meet your music lesson needs.

Trophies and certificates to celebrate student achievements.

A proven track record of excellence since 1996.

One of our piano lessons method goals at IMP is to instill in piano students a great appreciation for music that will last them a lifetime. Students at IMP have won numerous international competitions, performed outreach concerts all over the world, and have gotten into the best colleges in the United States. Recent IMP graduates have gone on to Harvard, Stanford, Brown, and USC. Visit our Yelp pages to see what families have to say about our program.

We prepare music students for success.

IMP piano lessons method prepares its students for multiple types of certifications including Music Certification, the Music Teachers’ Association of Texas for children under the age of 8. Once you enroll in our program, our teachers will help you decide what works best for you or your child.

Frequently Asked Questions about Piano Lessons

What is a good age to start piano lessons?

We have students that start piano classes as young as age three. This greatly depends on the child's maturity level, as well as finding a right fit with one of our teachers, as not all take students that age. All of our piano teachers accept students age five and up.

What methods do you use?

This greatly depends on the age and level of the student. Many of our teachers love the Faber Piano Adventures. Many of our teachers have prepared students for ABRSM, MTAC and other adjudications, which are great markers for growth, and help keep music students focused.

Do I need a piano?

You do need a piano or keyboard to practice on. If you opt to get a keyboard, you do need to get one that has 88 weighted keys. There are many options to rent pianos throughout the Houston area. We always help our students find a good option for their family.

IMP Music Lessons