I.M.P. Music Lessons

Music Lessons are hosted daily from our music facility in The Woodlands TX. All of our music teachers are I.M.P. certified and F.B.I. approved professionals.
Music lessons run either thirty minutes or sixty minutes in length, one on one with a pro musician.
Music lessons are $50.00 per hour with the option of a 30 minute music lesson at least once a week. Cancellation requires a 24 hour notice or refunds are at the discretion of the music instructor. Make-up music lessons are re-scheduled or a credit is applied to the following months music lessons.
Payment is due upon the first music lesson of the month or before the 12th day of the month.
House call music lessons are available from certain instructors and only if an adequate music learning atmosphere is available.


I.M.P. curriculum includes all styles and genres of music. We do not offer a ” Rock Band Program” we rarely host music recitals. We host group music clinics and private music instruction for Rock Band musical instruments and we teach Rock Music in addition to our symphonic, concert, marching, and other understudies in music.

At IMP you “excel in the style of your music choice and at your own pace!” By all means specialize or diversify either way – IT GUARANTEES YOUR SPOTLIGHT!

Schedule Music Lessons and Drum Lessons in The Woodlands of Texas.

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