How To Buy The Best Coffee? Top Kona Picks?

 How To Buy The Best Coffee? Hot Kona Picks!


Coffee connoisseurs describe Kona Coffee brands as rich and flavorful, with low acidity, a hint of sweetness and a bold aroma. A pound of Kona coffee online or at a coffee company direct generally costs around $45. Premium peaberry Kona coffee beats the blank outta other mountain coffees... and costs only 1/3 more per pound...shipped direct from Kona in an in air tight foil bag to preserve the great taste. Ask yourself how can they afford to hand-pick and hand sort all that coffee? Its not easy but we love our coffee.

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Can a coffee be too perfect too balanced, too clean, too mild...the traditional balanced coffee that has no defects or taints. Kona Coffee cuppers call it "clean." They are prized for their high notes: bright citrus or berry-like flavors in the acidity. And in the best cups they fade into chocolate or spice flavors in the aftertaste. There is almost no other coffee bean in the world that is prepared so carefully and fanatically...and is now yours to fully enjoy.

Where To Buy Premium Kona Coffee Online?


Our exclusive coffee plantation is located in Kailua-Kona a small high mountainous region where the best coffee is grown between 2,000 and 3,000 feet above sea level. The plantation enjoys a unique microclimate with the ideal growing combination of volcanic soil, temperature, Hawaiian sunlight intensity and the perfect wet season. The use of herbicides and pesticides is eliminated through the manual removal of weeds and the use of natural processes, thus making the picking of the coffee very labor intensive.

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When the Kona coffee cherry is ripe, the plantation employs up to 15 coffee picking staff for the "Kona Fest" or "The Kona Coffee Festival" - a time of good weather, hard work. Many man-hours are invested into the quality and collection process. The coffee produced is referred to as a "classically complete" coffee and embodies the tradition of gourmet green coffee (all coffee is green before they're fresh custom roasted ).

Its full-bodied flavor of strong coffee and dark chocolate makes for an intense taste sensation. This Kona specialty coffee takes its leave with distinction and elegance.

How does The Round Peaberry Magically Happen?


"Peaberry, also known as "caracoli," is a type of coffee bean. Peaberry is technically a defect, and occurs due to factors such as insect damage to a flower, tree stress from drought/nutrient imbalances, or with cherries that grow at the tip of branches. The majority of fruit from the coffee tree contain two halves of a bean in a single cherry, which is called Type I. Due to the vagaries of nature, some fruit mature with only a single fused bean. This oval (or pea-shaped), solo bean is known as Type II."

Your Premium Peaberry will earn it's place as one of your most treasured coffee drinking experiences. This meticuously prepared exclusive coffee Kona direct is the perfect coffee gift for any coffee drinker, especially the coffee connoisseur. Available now from Kailua-Kona only.

Where Are The Online Kona Coffee Testimonials?

"My only comment is thank you very much. Your Kona coffee is great, your policies and values are great and your website is great. After ordering from you several months ago, I will not buy coffee anywhere else. I feel very lucky to have found you."

"You have spoiled me! Wow! I cannot possibly go back to drinking normal coffee now! I think if I tried I would fall asleep at work! You have a great brew here!"

"I LOVE coffee! And Kona coffee is simply the best cup of coffee I've ever had. It was fresh and very aromatic. My friends could not believe I was serving them Hawaiian coffee from kona. But they loved it. We had it in place of desert or an after dinner drink more. Next time - trying Chocolate Macadamia Nut!"

"Finally a place where i can order GREAT Kona coffee and have it arrive at my door on time and in perfect condition. Living in Seattle, the "home" of "great" coffee, i prefer to get mine from GOURMET since they offer variety, great prices and my very favorite, High Mountain at the most reasonable prices I've found. Cheers to you!!"

"I didn't know coffee direct could taste this good. I can't go back to brand x at the local store after having enjoyed this fresh new Kona coffee taste. Simply delicious."

"The second I opened the sealed package I fell in love with this island coffee. It tasted better than any other coffee type that I have ever had. It keeps me going when i am up at 2:00 AM designing websites. My favorite flavor is Premium Peaberry. I will hands down recommend this to anyone who likes to drink quality micro-brewed Hawaiian coffee.