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Get matched with the perfect guitar instructor. Learn to play the guitar with guitar lessons from IMP Studios. Find a guitar teacher that fits your musical interests.

IMP Studios matches you with a professional guitar teacher in your area that best fits your own personal musical interests and goals.  Learn classical guitar, rock, jazz, blues, metal, flamenco — whichever style you prefer.

Learn to play the guitar with guitar lessons from Independent Media Promotion Studios.

Background-checked teachers.

All guitar instructors working with Houston Music Schools have passed extensive professional and personal background checks. This is an advantage that local studios and individuals rarely offer students.

Learn to play guitar with local Houston guitar lessons from IMP Studios.

Guitar lessons for all skill levels.

If you’ve never played guitar, IMP Studios can match you with a teacher that will help you learn correctly from the start. If you’re an intermediate or advanced guitarist and you want to improve your skills, you will be given an instructor appropriate for your specific goals.

Learn to play guitar with local guitar lessons from IMP Music Studios.

Take Guitar Lessons near your home or at home.

IMP Studios has talented guitar instructors from all over. Not only will you be matched with an instructor nearby, but with one that is right for what you want to learn.

Professional Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons are available for students ages five to adult and all levels from beginning to advanced.  Students will learn technique, music theory, and a variety of songs based on their interests and abilities.

• Do you feel you don’t have the natural talent to play guitar?

• Does the early stages of learning guitar seem difficult and boring?

• Does your lack of results make you feel less confident about your ability to learn to and play guitar?

• Do you want an easier way to learn how to play the guitar?

• Do you want to get better playing guitar while having fun?

Have you answered yes to at least one of these questions? If so continue reading.

A very common misconception among guitar players is the myth that; in order to play guitar, one must have the natural talent in order to do so. Well this myth is simply not true. The reason this myth exist is because whenever somebody sees a certain guitar player play their guitar and make it look so effortless, one assumes that it must be due to natural talent. This person then attempts to play guitar and recreate that effortlessness, but only realize they have no idea what they are doing. What nobody sees is the effort this person put into their guitar playing. Guitar playing isn’t something that comes naturally. What you need is someone to hold your hand through the process and with the best guitar lessons you will get quicker results and it will feel a lot easier.

IMP Guitar Lessons

Because you have fingers and you want to learn guitar. It’s literally that simple. Even if you didn’t have fingers, if all you had were toes you could still learn how to play guitar. There are quite a few guitar players who are handicapped and learn how to play guitar with their feet, and do so quite well. I also know you want to learn guitar because you are on this website reading about guitar lessons, thus proving that you have the desire and the capability to learn guitar. Another reason you can learn guitar is the fact that learning guitar is not very difficult, especially when you have an effective guitar teacher who knows how to teach beginners. Someone to walk you through the process of learning how to play guitar and get results, all while having fun at the same time.

Guitar Lessons Reasons:

So. ? keeps you from learning guitar and moving forward.

The Top 7 Reasons You Struggle To Learn Guitar​

1. Learning on your own. When you learn on your own you don’t get the same results as learning with others, whether it be with a teacher or a group of other like minded guitarists. When you work with a group of other musicians who are at or around the same level of playing you get to see different ways of solving the same problem you may have. You also feel a sense of motivation to continue to progress along with everyone else which only cause you to get even more results!

IMP Guitar Lessons

2. Learning in a linear approach. If you were to assemble some furniture you bought, such as a table, you would follow the directions and do it step by step. By that logic, on guitar, we should do step one, finish it, then move onto step two, step three, etc. This is not how you want to learn guitar! This method is incredibly boring and only leads to slow results and requires high levels of discipline which, quite frankly, just isn’t within our human nature.  

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3. Going through the motions of practicing. A lot of guitarist are guilty of this, including myself at one point. If you practice guitar and you don’t really pay attention to what you’re playing, focus on any mistakes you are making, things that need to be improved, motions that need to be fixed or made more efficient then you will not make the maximum amount of progress possible. This is also a problem of learning on your own, or learning with an ineffective guitar teacher. When you learn on your own you don’t realize what things you need to focus on and pay attention, then you just practice in a mindless fashion and then bad habits appear which only slows down your guitar playing progress.

IMP Guitar Lessons :

4. Learning to much information at once. A common misconception is to learn as much as possible. This is not the best method of learning guitar in order to make big results. It’s not the best method of learning anything period. With music you need to be able to digest the information, understand and apply the information into your actual playing, whether it be practicing tips, songwriting tips, or a cool song section.

IMP Guitar Lessons :

5. Having trouble to stay motivated while learning. This is by far probably the biggest problem with the majority of guitarists. If you don’t see progress it’s easy to feel like you’re driving around in circles and not making the best possible progress you are making. Chances are is that if you lack the motivation is also because you have a combination of the problems stated above.  

IMP Guitar Lessons :

6. YouTube and internet lessons. Every guitarist has been onto YouTube and looked for free information online, however, the internet and YouTube can’t determine your strength, weaknesses and goals. The fastest way to reach your goals is to have an effective guitar teacher to determine a strategy for you and then teach you in the most effective way possible.

IMP Guitar Lessons :

7. Studying with an ineffective guitar teacher. This is something that most of us face at one point or another. There are just simply a vast majority of incompetent or average guitar teachers. A lot of guitar teachers just aren’t truly passionate about teaching guitar, and some guitar teachers think that if they don’t effectively teach you, then you’ll drink more coffee with them longer and they can make more money off of you, the student. So even if you were to pay only $30 per lesson with average Smith, if it takes you five lessons to even learn the concept or lesson, you really paid $150 to average Smith to learn one thing. This is not effective learning.​

IMP Guitar Lessons .

How we can help You to reach your guitar playing goals:

• You will be taught how to practice each lesson item in the lesson

• You lessons will be structured in a way to help you achieve your goals so you get what You need in order to achieve Max results

• We will identify and correct any bad practicing habits you may have

• You will be trained to identify your own mistakes so you can consistently make improvements even when you are away from the lessons

• You will be motivated to continue by all the progress you’re making.

IMP Guitar Lessons

Regardless of your age, gender or availability to practice you can learn to play guitar, and we will dedicate ourselves to helping you reach your goals. If you have taken lessons before then you may not have ever heard that statement before. How many other teachers will say they will dedicate themselves to helping you reach your goals? Not a whole lot. You deserve a teacher who cares and will take a genuine interest in your goals and what you want to accomplish. Not every teacher is going to give you the results desire.

IMP Music Lessons:

​​• You will receive personalized training dedicated to helping you reach your goals

• You will reach your goals Quickly and Easily

• You will see noticeable results

• You will have fun learning the guitar

• You will open up your creative mind

• You will learn skills that will transfer to your everyday life

• And you will feel an overall sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

IMP Guitar Lessons